How would you like to pay marketing fees ONLY for real leads (consultations) and new clients?

Introducing Results-Based Law Firm Marketing

What is results-based marketing?

It’s paying marketing fees ONLY when you book a consultation and/or a new client retains your firm.

Instead of paying flat rate fees, hourly fees or a percentage of ad-spend hoping you acquire a sufficient number of new clients to warrant the thousands of dollars you spend each month, now you have the option to pay only if and when you book a consultation and/or a new client hires you.

How does results-based marketing work?

I create websites, videos and build ad campaigns that drive prospective clients to web properties I build (and own) at my cost.  Those web properties have contact forms and unique toll free telephone numbers that track every prospective client.  Moreover, those web properties have your law firm’s logo so it appears as if they are your firm’s website(S).

Therefore, all prospective client inquiries, whether they call or complete a contact form, are tracked.  When the prospective client attends a consultation and/or hires your firm, that generates a fee.

Furthermore, all prospective clients only view web properties that appear as your firm’s website.

You get a full-scale online marketing campaign with no up-front cost … you only pay me for results!

Which practice areas do I promote?

Currently, I’m taking on law firms that offer family law legal services.

Multiple practice areas with one firm

If your firm provides legal services across two or more practice areas, I can promote each practice area that warrants additional promotion.  My preference at this point is family law; however, if you have other practice areas, they could be included.

Past Results

Results-based marketing works and is an extremely economical marketing solution.  The following set out results for current law firm clients of mine (law firm names are withheld due to confidentiality):

Firm A

  • November 2011 to September 2012:  65 new clients.
  • Average number of new clients per month:  6
  • Increasing monthly
Firm B
  • February 2012 to August 2012:  23 new clients.
  • Average number of new clients per month:  3
  • Increasing monthly.
Note:  These campaigns are fairly young; new client intakes are increasing monthly.
I’m also a top-performing referral marketer for 2 global software companies.  I can provide you testimonials and references upon request.

Who pays for advertising, website development, website hosting, etc.?

I do.  All promotional costs are paid by me.

Can your Firm hire other marketing companies and me at the same time?

Yes.  Hiring me does not mean you can’t continue your existing marketing efforts.  You can hire other marketing companies … I don’t require that you exclusively hire me.

My fees

My fees vary according to the type of matter.

New client fees 

Generally, my fees range from $250 to $500 per new client your firm acquires (for family law matters).

Client consultation fees

I also charge “client consultation” fees.  If your firm charges clients for an initial consultation, my fee is 15% of the cost of the consultation.  If you offer free consultations, there’s no fee to me.

Exclusivity fee (optional)

If you prefer that I work only for your firm in your geographic area(s) and practice area(s), I will do so for a nominal monthly fee starting at $1,000 per month.  This exclusivity fee increases according to the number of geographic areas and practice areas … but does not exceed $2,500 per month.

Most law firm marketing companies represent competing law firms.  I believe doing so presents a conflict.  Therefore, I offer all law firm clients an exclusivity option where for a nominal monthly fee I agree to not do any marketing for any competing firm (based on geographic location and practice area).

I strongly recommend the exclusivity fee due to the following scenario.  If firm A does not opt for the exclusivity fee and competing firm B subsequently hires me and opts for the exclusivity fee, I can no longer promote firm A.  All campaigns for firm A will convert to firm B.

When are my fees paid?

I require my fees paid on a monthly basis.  Fees are payable to me upon an attended paid consultation and/or when a client retains your firm.  I do not defer payment until your client’s matter is completed.

What do I look for in a Law Firm Client?

Because you pay me only for results (i.e. consultations and new clients), I’m unable to take on every firm that wishes to hire me.  I invest a great deal of time and money up front to launch and build each marketing campaign.  Therefore, I’m selective about the firms I promote.

I require that a firm:

  • Is seeking to grow..
  • Has the capacity to handle an influx of new clients.
  • Offers family law services.

Please note that I reserve the right to accept or decline requests to take on clients.


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 About Me:

My name is Jon Dykstra and I used to practice law in British Columbia.  I’m very familiar with law firm marketing … having done it for my firm and now doing it for other firms.  I look forward to working with you.

I have extensive online marketing experience working for law firms and global software companies.  All of my marketing revenue is based on results only.

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