Finding a Lawyer (in Canada)

If you are looking for the best lawyer in Canada, there are a few distinct factors that you should take into consideration to make sure you make a good choice.


Specialty laws in Canada are very complex, so having an experienced lawyer that knows what they are doing is important.  Experience has other benefits, like it allows for a track record to prove they can provide results.


It is especially good practice to have a lawyer that specializes in whatever field you need help in.  There are many lawyers out there who will take a case in any field, regardless of whether they know it or not.  These are not the lawyers you want, since the laws are so complex from field to field and often bare no resemblance to each other.  Criminal defense for example is far different from patent law for example, so if you were looking for a lawyer specializing in patent and trademark law you would most likely look for a completely different firm.  However, that is not always true as many large lawyer firms will have experienced and quality lawyers in all of the different specialties.


Cost is always going to be a factor when it comes to law, since you probably do not have an endless wallet.  Many lawyers charge ridiculous fees ($500+ an hour for the best lawyers), so finding a good one at a reasonable rate can be a challenge.

Where to Look

The Law Society of Upper Canada is one significant resource for finding lawyers and paralegals in Canada.  It has a search function to find one in your area. is my favorite resource, it provides a clean layout and easy to use directory style, and it carefully categorizes the best lawyers by specialty.

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