35 LinkedIn Lawyer Tips

LinkedIn is an online professional networking website.  Once you register, colleagues, classmates, and just about anyone can find your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn search engine results are pretty impressive when searching a lawyer’s name and legal practice areas.

LinkedIn is a relationship-building online service that if used well, can result in many connections that can lead to more business for you and your law firm.  LinkedIn is also a great resource for hiring.

Read the following 35 LinkedIn tips, techniques and recommendations for improved social media and marketing results for lawyers and law firms:

Setting Up LinkedIn

  • Complete your profile as thoroughly as possible.  Include personal information.  The more information you provide the more potential points of connection with other people to build your network.  Of course, be judicious and don’t divulge sensitive and personal information.  Include present and past employment.
  • Describe your work experience in as much detail as possible. Don’t simply list employers and experience.  Instead, be expansive by setting out duties, positions, responsibilities, awards, recognition, achievements, facts, figures, etc.  Don’t be modest.
  • Connect with as many business associates as you can. Continue doing so to build your network.
  • LinkedIn gets good Google results.  Use LinkedIn’s Google and other search engine popularity to your advantage by using keywords in both your profile and your content.  If you’re not sure what are good keywords, see what people search at Google Adwords keywords tool.  Use your legal practice area keywords and geographical areas extensively.
  • Keep your profile up-to-date.
  • Check your home page on LinkedIn often. It contains industry updates, news, and postings from associates.  The key to using LinkedIn and other social media is staying active.  You’re better to be active on one social media platform than inactive on several.
  • Check the “index” option so your profile will be searched by the search engines.
  • On company profiles, the top five most popular other profiles are displayed on the home page. Be aware of who your top five most popular profiles are because they will show other people with whom you associate.
  • Choose the top five profiles who will link back to you for a reciprocal benefit.
  • Update your status with useful content and information as much as possible.
  • Customize your buttons. This will make your profile look more professional and give you more control.
  • Keep in mind there are a limited number of characters in the profile fields.  You may want to do a few practice runs first before publishing.
  • Customize your public profile’s URL so it’s easier to link to other pages and easier for people to remember it.
  • People see the top of your summary first, so be certain you set out your vital information there.
  • Enable the “show website” feature in your profile.
  • Make sure the full view and websites options are also checked so that the information in your profile is public.
  • Use the Q&A feature to ask others their opinion of your website, blog, services, etc.

Building a LinkedIn Network

  • Answer questions. Become respected and acknowledged as an expert in your legal area.
  • Comment in the discussion forums as much as you can.  Contributing in forums is an outstanding way to become respected and acknowledged as an expert in your field.  Another great aspect of forum contribution is that your efforts will pay dividends in the long run because your answers will remain for other people to read going forward.
  • Write extensively about your current business and legal practice areas.
  • Be focused in building your network.  Plan who you want in your network and who you prefer not be included.
  • Do not be friends with people just because they ask you. It looks odd for a lawyer to be friends with partying buddies from college. Leave the casual online friendships to Facebook.
  • Monitor your network statistics.  If you don’t know the numbers, you don’t know whether your efforts are worthwhile.
  • Compliment others when you’re speaking to them so that they reciprocate. It makes both of your profiles look much better.
  • Become a recommended service by establishing a good reputation. People flock to people, companies, and services, including law firms that have the “recommended” status.
  • Introduce yourself to other members. Don’t always wait for others to approach you first.
  • Don’t be shy – ask others to recommend you if they have had experience with you.  Being recommended is terrific for your profile.
  • Use the ‘groups’ feature to meet others, post feedback, and get a feel for what other lawyers and law firms are doing.

LinkedIn as a law firm marketing, hiring, and research resource

  • Include your LinkedIn profile link in other places like Twitter, Digg, Facebook, your law firm websites and blogs, and other social media platforms you use.
  • Use LinkedIn to find employees and associates.
  • Include your law firm URL(s) somewhere in your profile.
  • Ask other people in the community for advice. People are more than willing to answer questions.
  • Use LinkedIn to study your legal competition.
  • If you need a service, LinkedIn has its own services area where you can trade with others who are among the trusted network.
  • LinkedIn is a targeted marketing platform, so be specific when selecting your industry and expertise