Litigation Software for Best Trial and Timeline Presentation

If you really want to put together a nicely presented and organized digital trial, check out some of the litigation software available.

I list timeline software toward the bottom (in my view timelines are extremely useful presentation tools).

Check out the following litigation software products:

  • Lexbe: full SaaS trial presentation software with multiple visual presentation options including built-in time-lines.
  • inData TrialDirector: full trial presentation software (integrates with Timeline Xpress) where all evidence, documents, transcripts, etc. are located and ready for visual presentation (via TV screen, monitor, and/or projector).
  • TrialPro: full trial presentation software – features and benefits very nicely outlined on their Web site. One of the most informative Web sites I’ve reviewed.
  • Sanction/Verdical: Sanction is the predecessor and you can still buy it. Verdical is trial and case management software as an all-in-one package.
  • Verdict Systems: full trial presentation software.
  • e-Court by Searchlight: enables paperless trial. Exhibits are simultaneously presented electronically to counsel, witnesses, jury and judge under the direction of the court clerk.
  • iBlaze by Summation: track, store and organize all case materials for easy search and locate. Also quickly creates lists of documents with bates numbering (access iBlaze online with WeBlaze by Summation).
  • West Case Notebook by West LiveNote: e-notebook for trial containing everything you need for trial including:

- briefs, pleadings, filings, hot documents and more—in a click,
- deposition transcripts, and
- Westlaw imported directly.

  • Accusit: Litigator’s Notebook: consolidate your case in one place – Evidence, Transcripts, Depositions, Pleadings, Case Correspondence, Research and Attorney Work Product and then work with it anywhere.

Timeline Software

  • Timeline Maker,
  • inData Timeline Xpress (integrates with TrialDirctor),
  • Timemap, and
  • SmartDraw.

More trial presentation software tools and resources:

  • West Livenote: broadcast live audio and video of your trial to wherever you wish.
  • PowerPoint by Microsoft.
  • Book: “Beyond Bullet Points” by Cliff Atkinson.
  • Book: “Presentation Zen:Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery” by Garr Reynolds.
  • Adobe’s Captivate screen cast and teaching software.

Trial and deposition devices for best presentation

  • Digital pen and paper
  • Tablet / tablet pc
  • Elmo
  • Projector
  • Large screen TVs
  • Portable printer
  • Portable scanner

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